Pre-Delivery Orientation

Approximately one week to 10 days prior to the date of possession, a representative of Diamondale Construction Inc will guide you through your new home. At this time, they will review all of the operating systems in the home (heat, electrical, plumbing and ventilation) so you are familiar with them. Feel free to ask questions so you are comfortable with their operation. Any minor items that are found during this visit will be recorded on a warranty form to document the conditions that existed prior to moving into the home.

30-Day Warranty Form

During the first month of occupancy of the house, you may find minor items, which are not working, or require adjustment. These items should be noted on the 30-Day Form, which is provided in the Homeowner’s Information Package and submitted to Diamondale Construction Inc and Tarion before the 30th day of occupancy. At this time, you should also include any outstanding items from the Pre-Delivery Orientation, which have not been addressed. The warranty forms can be easily completed online and are available on the Tarion web site at Simply click on——–register to complete and submit your forms. If a 30-Day form is not submitted, the homeowner will have to wait until the last 30 days of the first year of possession of the new home to notify the builder and Tarion of outstanding warranty items.

Year-End Warranty Form

Use the Year End Form (provided in your Homeowner’s Information Package or obtain from the Tarion web site) to notify the builder and Tarion of any outstanding warranty items, which you have observed since submission of the 30-Day Form.

Second-Year Warranty Form

The Two-Year warranty coverage is for water penetration through the basement or foundation walls; defects in materials and workmanship that result in water penetration of the building; defects in work and materials in the electrical, plumbing and heating delivery and distribution systems. Any warranted item needs to be reported to the builder prior to the end of the 2nd year in the house.

Emergency Exceptions to the Warranty Process

A warranted emergency situation should be reported to your builder( immediately, within the first two years of occupancy. An emergency situation is defined as: Total loss of heat between September 15th and May 15th; Gas Leak; Total loss of electricity in the house; Total loss of water supply; Plumbing leak that requires complete water shut-off; Major collapse of any part of the house; Total sewage stoppage; Major water penetration of an interior wall or ceiling (due to a burst pipe).

* Emergency situations due to the failure of a municipal or utility provided service are not covered under warranty, as they are not under the builder’s control.

Should an emergency situation occur and the builder( or 613-262-5959) is not reachable within 24 hours, assistance is available through Tarion by calling 1-877-982-7466.

NOTE: When work is required in the home, be sure to provide the builder and trades access to your home during normal business hours. Failure to do so will jeopardize your warranty rights.


Today’s building products have eliminated much of the time-consuming and tedious work involved in home maintenance. However, no home is maintenance-free, and it is the responsibility of each homeowner to ensure that they are caring for their home and protecting its warranty.

By conducting regular inspections and maintenance on your home, you will be helping to ensure that your warranty rights are protected. The Homeowner’s Information Package provides useful tips to help you with home maintenance, and for controlling the moisture in your home.

Mr. Jackson